Yahoo wishes to purchaise Yandex?



Recently it became known that at the present time, representatives of Yahoo came to Russia and lead purposeful negotiations with the leading Russian search engine Yandex on its purchases.

Foreign experts estimate the value of Yandex in 1 billion., While the leadership of the searcher believe that the real price of a resource – 5 billion. It is difficult to say whether Yahoo intentions are serious, but it seems very doubtful that they really wish to buy, even leading, the Russian search engine for that kind of money.

Currently, the economic situation in Yahoo leaves much to be desired – so perhaps his leadership sees one way out of the crisis that conquer the Russian market of search engines, buying Yandex, but doing it will be difficult, although a guarantee of success in this case – clear .

In Europe and the U.S. to compete with Google is almost impossible, but in RuNet reigns Yandex – so if Yahoo will get it – life comfortably in Russian extent he really achieved. And why did it have to do is world domination? Suppose it goes to the beast Google, which already though, give it to anyone not going for the foreseeable future …

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