Why do companies need a website?

Why companies need a website … More recently, company executives develop their business in all possible ways, but not with the site.

What is the site – many have not thought of, I will say more – they did not really need to know. But the world is not static, it is constantly evolving, and evolving ways to promote products and services on the market.

Today no longer need to stand in the market, waving and shouting loudly, attracting the attention of passersby.

Needless to overwhelm his own letters, so-called commercial offers hundreds and thousands of prospective customers, to attract the attention of ten potential customers. XXI century has given to all, whether a merchant or an artist, an opportunity without leaving the premises to attract the attention of thousands of people around the world and, moreover, not only to attract attention, but get them to call you.

Now do not you call them with a request to give you 2-3 minutes, for which you need to attract attention, interest, listen, work with the opposition, say a compliment and if we are lucky to arrange a meeting to “crush” his client’s presentation and to make a deal . Ask what kind of magical way to express yourself and your product or service to millions without leaving the premises and without any action, which was above it? Everything is much easier than you think. Magic bullet – is the site. But the site Site strife.

The site, which is made and simply exist on the Internet by itself does not bring you no calls, no customers. It’s like a pen – by itself it will not write to you, but if you bother to take it, and even put pressure on the handle and try to keep it – you can create a masterpiece or just write “receive”. So it is with the site.

If you do not just create great design, lay out some texts and photos, and do it from the perspective of search engines in order to be able to promote your site and take the promotion, then your website and, accordingly, the information will see not only you, but and millions of potential customers. And if the information is intelligently written and interesting, then you fill up a flurry of phone calls. Therefore, I advise you, before you decide on the promotion of the site, decide for yourself you’re ready to take an avalanche of calls and you have something to say or to sell to people?

Conclusion: if a couple of years ago, the word Web site sounded like something an alien and was perceived only as a business card company, but today it is an integral part of most business card manager at any level managers. And if your business card there is no site address, then you better not show anyone her … Where is the conclusion? – Again you may ask – Draw your own conclusions .

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