Update of Google search engine

The search company Google introduced on the market for about a dozen new ways and methods, and then added to their search algorithm. These methods will allow the company to significantly improve search quality and speed of Internet search. These methods will prompt owners of websites, as further improve our content and significantly improve the parameters of their Internet projects in the search engine Google. Company representatives have commented on the introduction of data, and said that the improvements will affect the improved indexing huge volume of documents, increase the possibility of a mechanism of automatic tips in search engine.

Help more quickly and better define the associated domains, and numerous links to other web pages, reducing their value in the ranking. The company noted that all kinds of small innovation company spends almost every month, but this time, the company will open about all the intricacies of the input job search engine. Specialists of Google said that the company now predict the result of search queries more frequently encountered in the system. Also tries to facilitate compliance with the measure of search results, the problem posed in the request. Also, changes will be incorporated into the system, and similar requests and those requests that have the words homonyms.In a separate paragraph, specialists push innovation on user-generated content.

At the company’s website says that during the current 2011, Google’s experts have commissioned more than 500 innovations in the search engine. However, independent experts and analysts believe that the address of Google very often been accused of artificially changing the data and returns the search preferences of their own projects. And in order to reduce the frustration in this regard, Google is constantly reported in detail information about the algorithms in the search engine company. Specialists of Google clarify that at this time on a variety of blogs, the company published no less than one thousand materials which are of direct relevance to the search and more than four video materials that are necessary for webmasters. Also there are thousands of messages in the forums that are discussing the features of most search engine Google. And engineers of Google, is promised a fresh batch of new data on the mechanisms of the search engine not lat

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