Twitter funded by the DST Global

“Twitter”, one of the largest network of representatives microblogging gave official confirmation of leaked earlier in the specialized media reports that the network receives investment from the fund DST Global, owned by Yuri Milner. Representatives of “Twitter”, in particular, drew attention to the fact that in the last round of funding for the network investments have been obtained by DSI Global, and some of the other investors, but it does not make any statements about the size of these investments. Curiously, several earlier fund Yuri Milner put investment funds in the world’s largest social networking site “Facebook”, as well as a network “Groupon” and other “social sphere”.

The recent round of investment for the network “Twitter” may be considered the biggest – at As, according to unofficial information, invested in the network was at least $ 800 million, about half of them guide the network plans to spend to purchase shares of its investors, as well as for the purchase of shares and individual companies, investors, and the bulk of the necessary transactions may meet the two next week. However, official comments, which related to past funding, representatives of the “Twitter” is not given, since at the moment this company is not considered public and will be that of not earlier than one year.

According to the newspaper “New York Times”, several shareholders of the previously investor networks offer guidance to replace the ordinary shares to preference shares, however the information available for the round involved only ordinary shares. It depends on such purchases and investments, you realize how much the Internet , and what its potential. Note that, according to independent estimates, the capitalization of “Twitter” currently estimated at approximately U.S. $ 8 billion, that is bypassed for six months, the level of capitalization has grown almost doubled compared to December 1020 – remember that when capitalization was approximately $ 3.7 billion due to the fact that the fund “Kleiner Perkins” has been bought shares worth $ 200 million. The total amount raised “Twitter” funds may exceed the level of $ 760 million, while analysts say that investors will be a major DST Global, bank JP Morgan, through its digital fund investments and, perhaps, Benchmark Capital, Spark Capital, Union Square Ventures and several other foundations and organizations that have already invested in a network of “Twitter”. In addition, market analysts point out that the results of the last round must inevitably lead to increased pressure on the leadership of the network, in particular – is not its director Dick Costolo, as companies have to implement the various commercial products and services. At the same time the company says about the possibility of IPO, but is not yet known the exact date.

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