Twitter again lost creator

Biz Stone

Biz Stone

In a network of microblogging Twitter back losses – the creative director and one of its “founding fathers” Biz Stone , in his personal blog recently reported that leaves from daily operational duties, but will deal with his new “old” now with Evan Williams, who also recently vacated by Twitter.

He explained that in addition to Williams’ plans to merge with former vice-president for development Twitter Jason Goldman, as well as one of the former engineers Twitter, after having left him, he announced that renews the company’s activities Obvious Corporation, founded jointly with colleagues in 2006 to microblogging service management. According to Stone, the Obvious in his charge now will be to develop systems that allow people to make the world better.
In his blog, Stone says that he worked on Twitter for more than five years and intends to work with this company, and further, and noted that the new team of managers that service is very efficient, and he believes that the best way to occupy his time – this is a departure from operational management to work on several other specific projects. Mr. Stone said at the same time, the current CEO-optimizer Dick Costolo, who previously worked at Google, has already endorsed the idea, agreeing with the decision of one of the “parentsĀ» Twitter. In fact, according to Stone, all employees who work on Twitter, have reached an efficiency of labor, now that the company simply does not need him, so he decided to resign, noting, however, that may help Twitter, if you need to solve a a specific task.

Recall that GQ magazine has awarded the title of Bizu Stone “nerd of the year”. He also joined the list of most influential people in the world, according to publications of Vanity Fair and Time. In March this year took over as adviser Biz Development Corporation of charitable projects AOL, combining with the job and work at Twitter. Twitter, he founded along with Jack Dorsey and Evan Williams in 2006. In March this year, six months after his formal retirement from service, Evan Williams said he wants to further reduce its presence in Twitter – it is currently a board member of the company, not directly engaged in its operational activities. And Jack Dorsey, the third founder of Twitter, again returning to the company, now headed the development of software. Previously he was head of the company he founded Square, specializes in mobile payment service created in 2009.

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