The new social search from Microsoft: Myth or Reality?

As reported online edition of Fusible, in response to the launch of Google + Microsoft has decided to create their own social-search service. With the launch of a new project decided not to procrastinate, and is already on the domain, also owned by Microsoft, was placed a new project Tulalip. The pilot service meets user welcome message: “With the Tulalip find what you need and share what you already know – even easier.”

While at the site housed a broken link, like: “See how it works» («See how it works»), «Rules” button authorization in the social networks Facebook and Twitter. Thus, the authorization window Twitter, tells the user that the project will “update your profile”, “publish tweets for you,” etc. Windows Facebook, is still in working order.

According to the editorial Fusible, Microsoft is preparing a more perfect analogue rapidly gained popularity Google +, however, Microsoft stated that the site was an internal project Tulalip, who accidentally fell into the net from a programming error. After this statement, public access to view the content of the site was closed.

What are the actual plans for Microsoft to really – is anyone’s guess, but experts say that the recent corporation to take an active buying domains.

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