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After three months ago the Firefox 4, Mozilla has announced a new, fifth version of the web browser Firefox. He is the first release, which was prepared for a new cycle of rapid release manager, according to which a Mozilla every month will be released new versions of browsers.

If we talk about the innovations of the product, is to say, firstly, the high speed operation, and secondly, to support the latest web standards and security tools, and, thirdly, on higher overall stability of the browser for OS Windows, Mac OS , Linux, and Android. Development Director Jonathan Nightingale, Mozilla Firefox characterizes Firefox 5 as the fastest browser in the Mozilla and fastest on the market. According to him, thanks to a new cycle of rapid release new versions of the development will reach the end user very quickly. And in the latest version now has over 1,000 improvements and extensions from different areas of the Firefox 5.

In TAW SEO Leichester we have found that the new, final version of Firefox 5 out full support for CSS-animation and agreed to this technology, Do-Not-Track, providing for the transfer of data to track user activities are prohibited on the site. In addition, the new Firefox 5 received a lot of improvements already the existence of technologies, including HTML5, JavaScript, XHR, SMIL, MathML and canvas. Also been improved network performance, upgrade the locale for some language and work with the browser memory.
In Mozilla notes that Do Not Track technology is made ​​in the browser as two binary variables, that is, DNT = 0 – technology is disabled and the user can be tracked, and if the parameter is equal to 1, so tracking is prohibited.

Another innovation – is to support the optimization of a special layer of TCP-protocol . It’s called SPDY and was originally created by Google . With SPDY by minimizing the delay of signal transmission from a server connected to the client improves performance of HTTP. The company says that for the new protocol and a Web server and the browser will now have to update, but updating the code pages in this version is no longer needed.

The developers emphasize that when we are working with web content and protocol HTTP, the real increase in speed ranges from 27 to 60%, and if the connection is via SSL, the rate increases from 39 to 55%. And Google adds these words that SPDY still under development and its potential in terms of those that have been achieved, they say that they have not yet been exhausted. At Google ran tests that were designed to simulate the work of some of the most loaded websites in the network to be able to send packets of data over an internal network, using standard server software, and only partly modified version of the browser Google Chrome. At the same time, engineers have noted that within Google has its own web server, which is already built SPDY by default.

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