Steve Jobs is no longer CEO of Apple

The night before, the company Apple has made ​​a statement that was not unexpected, but still disappointed many fans of the products of this company. Steve Jobs can no longer perform the duties of general director and chief executive of the company and retire. Prior to approval of a new CEO, the board put his duties on the company’s chief operating officer Tim Cook, who de facto about 9 months, runs the company. Steve Jobs is a duty to leave because of health problems. In a letter to the Board of Directors, Steve Jobs strongly recommends the candidature of the Cook for the post of CEO. Recall that Jobs was elected head of the council and the council also entered the current operating officer. In a public address is the former head of Apple said that as he had said before, the day will come when he can not manage the company and this he immediately informs the public. According to Steve Jobs, this day has come. One of the most influential executives of the company, board member Arthur Levinson was convinced that it was Tim Cook will become the new CEO of Apple.

He also said that Steve Jobs will continue to cooperate with the company as a consultant will participate in the discussion of important issues, as well as “supply» Apple with new ideas, perhaps will lead the development of antivirus software . World market, by the way is not so optimistic attitude to the resignation of the corporation, responding first downs Apple shares up 5.2% and then 2.5%. Analysts say with one voice that it was Tim Cook will be the new face of the company. Operational Director, worked at Apple for 13 years, and for quite some time in charge of all daily operations of the company. This experience he received in connection with the fact that Steve Jobs is often left in a forced vacation because of the deterioration of his health. Recall that the former head of the company’s doctors diagnosed a rare form of pancreatic cancer. Also, just recently had surgery Jobs in liver transplantation. The world’s media reacted quite dramatically at the open statement of Steve Jobs. It is called the modern American business and iKonoy predicting the decline of Apple after his departure. In addition, Western journalists say that the completed one of the brightest careers in modern history. Steve Jobs is the man who in the early 70′s revealed to the world the concept of “desktop” and at the beginning of the XXI century humanity introduced a fundamentally new concept of mobile devices (ruler «i»). Company Apple CEO Steve Jobs was founded in 1970 with his friend Steve Wozniak. The company began to build computers, and gained fame when the world got computers Apple I and Apple II. In addition it is Steve is the author of the popular current “CEO salaries at $ 1.” However, this does not mean that Steve Jobs is misery. One of its stake in Apple is estimated to be worth about $ 2 billion. And there are a fair share of Disney, which “weighs” about 4.4 U.S. dollars.

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