staff Facebook users shared the password

facebook password

facebook password

Previously, staff Facebook users shared the password to access any account the social network for business purposes. About it has told the media sotsseti employee, who wished to remain anonymous.
Password, called master-password, was extremely complicated and is only intended for use in the workplace and in working order, alongside committed to such confidential information of employees. Currently, the company’s management canceled the password, and open abuse of confidential information by employees for personal purposes. Two staff members found guilty of misuse of information, were dismissed from the company, but even the heroine of the interview, admitted that she sometimes used to access other people’s accounts for personal purposes.

Currently, Facebook has introduced an additional control for admission to classified information – the employee who wants to access is allowed into the internal network of the company and sets out in writing the reason why it needs such access. If the cause turns out to be false, the employee will face dismissal. As we know, Facebook accumulates a large amount of personal information about users that is used later for promotional purposes. The company database is stored, even the information that was a remote user with your account, but if and only if, the company keeps information on all movements and the user is browsing within social networks.

Later this information is used for targeting advertising and to improve the internal services of social network based on the preferences of a specific user. According to available data for the year 2010, users of social networking site Facebook is more than 300 million people in all parts of the globe.

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