Southampton SEO Facebook vs. Google: Who does live well?

Facebook and Google does not divide spheres of influence: a recent U.S. publication Daily Beast will let their readers that the social network with PR-agency finally decided to ” drown “a search engine, announced in the press a few hard-hitting stories, which featured Google.

Managed to learn that a well-known blogger was invited to make a couple of articles about what Google does not comply with the privacy of their users , but this blogger was not so simple, and the intrigues of Facebook immediately recognized the press. After that representatives sotsseti a fact acknowledged, but said they had reason to do so. First, they argue, the actions of Google are not safe for users of Facebook, and secondly, sotsseti not like the fact that its data is used by search engine.

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Southampton SEO Believes that facebook as a business is still thousand miles below Google

However, analysts agreed, all this “fuss-carpet” , started Facebook, just an attempt to discredit a competitor is gaining momentum, because if we now have two “monsters” is a war for the advertisers, but in the near future, Google plans to reach and the social sphere, Why, indeed, afraid of social networks. After this scandal will be difficult to say how – with a shield il on board – this situation will leave Facebook, but it’s worth noting that in the sector of media advertising, he still wiped his nose retrieval system: experts from Enders Analysis found that by the end 2011 revenues of social networks will increase by 95% and with 1.8 billion increase to 3.5 billion A Google this year, according to analysts, will receive only 2.6 billion (last year this figure was 2-m billion)

Of course, the price of conventional banner advertising in the search engines is much higher than the cost of ads in Facebook, and Google’s revenue compared to the social network in the 8-fold increased , however, the number of ad impressions for Facebook to three times higher than that of any other site . In addition, the company ComScore says that in some European countries, namely Britain, France and the United States, the percentage of traffic to websites with Google has significantly decreased, but with Facebook has gone up, which again indicates the presence of a search engine coming on the heels of a competitor.

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