News from Google: The new design and requests from secret services

Representatives of Google released statistics on how often to receive and execute requests from the intelligence agencies and governments of various countries, as well as remove unwanted content.

Last year alone, over half received inquiries about Google this kind of information more than 14 thousand times and in 26 countries in the world. The most number of requests – 4601 – became the U.S., 94% of the company they meet, 1699 request came from the intelligence agencies of India and 1804 for Brazil. Switzerland, for example, never asked to give private information about users, and in Russia too personal data of people were not interested in anyone, but once in six months, the company asked to remove any documents from the 10th left of them.

Very trivial in this situation with China. Chinese version of Google censorship, the government is constantly China, as a result Google has begun to redirect its users the Hong Kong version. This in turn led to the fact that for the second half of 2010, the company has not been a single request from the Chinese security services, but requests for data from the Hong Kong users grew by 80%, and 59% were granted. In addition, Google reported a change in its design, on which he will work in the coming months. They will affect all services, as well, including Google Maps, the search engine Google Search, and Gmail. Updated home page search engine, for example, will include a logo that will be a little less, and the functional links above and below will move to the side. Although I would design such a directory put more SEO Leichester than in the search engines – but we use what God gave.

In the Google blog notes that the basis of these changes will be on three principles: focus, that is, the user will be given to that content, which it is most interesting at the moment, but small changes such as removal of the navigation buttons or bright colors will help workers focus on the most important for him; flexibility – the new design will now work equally well and with a computer and a tablet, and any mobile device designed to connect to the Internet, the ease when the external simplicity of the design is hidden technological power, as expressed in the use of the latest developments, as WebGL, HTML5 and most modern browsers.

The company also launched a social network Google +, and the prime rate was made exactly to the user. That is, through a new service in Google will try to “patch up all holes,” combining the best of what there is in social networks, and correcting it, for which they criticized. For example, using Google + users will now have the opportunity to manage their private lists and to choose to whom to open, and for whom “remain a mystery.” And to make online communication more vivid and emotional, for a new social network, the company added service Video and chat. Service Sparks was created so that users are always aware of a variety of events – taking into account their interests, he picks up the information that interests them to see or read. However, the novelty is still operating in test mode and is closed to registration, but anyone can already see the basic functions and leave your request there

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