Microsoft will release a new version of internet explorer

More recently, a well-known Internet giant ” Microsoft “decided to release a preliminary version of its new browser,« Internet Explorer 10. ”
Remind our readers that this is the second pre-assembly of this “updated and improved” version, which is now available to many users outside the company. The recommendations of the company said that the new assembly «Internet Explorer 10″ is meant mostly for the needs of web developers and programmers who just need to have full access to all features of the new browser before its official release. As says the development team, a new version of the popular browser ” Internet Explorer “includes quite a few specifications of the latest developments, a better than the previous version, support for the” Drag & Drop “; new mechanism responsible for the validation of forms, a revolutionary system for positioning elements on web pages, and much more. Still, it was stated that «Microsoft» managed to improve even support specification ” HTML5 “.

Leicester SEO Now it may be recalled that the first assembly of the new browser «Internet Explorer 10 “came out almost three months ago. It seems that the developers or very well worked on the browser, or just very carefully corrected the error, since the two preliminary versions of the ” Internet Explorer 9 “was no more than 60 days. The developers of the «Microsoft» indicate that a new version of their browser has the most significant for all web developers a tool – it can even support ” Web Worker API “. Recall that with this technology can achieve significant speed up processing «JavaScript», as well as all other extremely “heavy” elements that are loaded on your site. This acceleration is due to better utilization of multicore and multithreading technologies that are implemented in processors today. Also, using the technology «Web Worker» can simultaneously carry out a fairly large number of scripts. And more importantly – this process can be run in the background, so that the output can build more complex and interesting page.

However, in fairness we should note that certain features of «Preview 2″ does not exist or they are somewhat limited. Although this assembly has the support of a modern ” Web File API “, which can provide browser access to a stripped-down local file system . By the way – the first such support «API» appeared only in version «IE10» first build. The company also «Microsoft» assures users that the new assembly observed a two-fold increase in productivity «HTML 5.” But, no matter how nice, but completely new browser from ready «Microsoft» will be available only in March of 2011. And even before that would have realized a special technology «Web Sockets», which still pose a developer of Internet giant.

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