Live Search: How Google will affect the efficiency of advertisements

live search

live search

Google officially announced the launch of Live Search technology – an innovative interface Google, which provides an interactive search, divining the requests as they are entered and updated accordingly results. These tips will appear immediately, so that users can quickly and accurately formulate a query to get exactly what he needs.
The new interface will affect not only the search results, but also on related ads. Therefore AdWords team expects that users will interact more with search services, including the ads.

Display ads will run as usual, but now the ads and search results will be selected based on search tips. For example, typing on Google initial letters of roses algorithms can assume that the user is looking for roses (Search Tip), and to show search results and ads associated with these colors. But if the user is then added to his request, the letter m, the algorithms can determine that he needs rosemary, and display relevant results – both conventional and commercial.

Thus, in connection with the launch of Live Search, the concept of screening should be reconsidered ….

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