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wooden jewellery box

wooden jewellery box

“God is in the details!” – The French say, and, mind you, they are absolutely right. A lot of little things at work and in personal relationships, but more detail in our wardrobe. Agree, elegant bracelet, elegant ring, cuff links or earrings can change the image of women or men out of all recognition, give them a unique flavor and charm.But along with buying nice jewellery there is the big question: where are they stored? It is here that come to the aid of jewellery case. During the Soviet era boxes for jewellery is not much different variety of shapes and styles, not to mention functionality.Fortunately, modern jewellery box under changed the situation dramatically!

Today in the manufacture of caskets the company takes into account many factors such as size and internal configuration, compliance with the interior space and performance requirements, material and cost.For example, in our online store, you can easily pick up a box for personal use or as a gift. Caskets for jewellery made of natural, artificial leather and synthetic materials, rolls for jewellery boxes for cufflinks and jewellery, classic and Art Nouveau – Choose a box to your taste and budget!

Thus, we consider the first option: you come back to haunt untangling the chains and bracelets, wasting precious time looking for rings and earrings from the mass of tangled jewellery and fashion jewellery.In other words, you need a box for jewellery for personal use.When choosing a box, decide on the main – what exactly do you intend to store in a box.The answer to this question will help you quickly determine the size of the box and its configuration.Let’s say you love to wear long stylish necklace, and jewellery from you only have a classic set – gold necklace, a pair of rings and earrings.In this case, recommend that you purchase a box with two or three compartments.Conversely, if you are indifferent to costume jewellery and you can show off your collection of jewellery (chains, earrings, pendants, rings, cuff links), and it is better to buy a box with the appropriate number of branches.

The size of the box for jewellery depends on two factors: the amount and size of adornments are places you plan to put the casket.As for styles, then negligence is simply unacceptable! The thing is that today’s jewellery case, not only doing their duty to direct (jewellery store), but are part of the original interior, bear the stylistic information.For example, if your bedroom is done in Japanese style, you do not want to hide the box in the secretary, and think to put it on the dresser, and then select a casket in the Japanese style.Especially for lovers of classic English interiors in our online shop sells caskets made of natural and artificial leather, but fans of modern advise you to pay attention to the jewellery box made of synthetic materials and bolder colors.
The box for jewellery is a great gift a girl or a woman, but when clicked should take into account a number of important rules.Defined with the configuration of the box, watch out for taste preferences ladies: what jewellery she prefers to wear, how much and how often they change.And, of course, age.If the young beauties are fine bright model caskets made of synthetics, the woman in “respectable” age and the casket is to give a solid example of genuine leather.

jewellery Box jewellery and leather

Classics of the genre – a rectangular box made of black leather tanned with white decorative stitching, convenient carrying handles and security lock.Such a casket for jewellery and ornaments made of leather will serve its owner for decades, will help to keep jewellery in perfect order and protect them from scratches, abrasions and loss of light.Miniature models of the more vibrant colors such as blue, pink, yellow, and caskets for jewellery in the form of roll will be a great addition to an elegant evening or extravagant cocktail dress.
Where to buy a casket for jewellery?

The answer is obvious – in our online store.We offer a very rich collection, which provides the boxes for storage of various products, travel cases for jewellery, models and designs of any shade.Furthermore, many exclusive boxes for jewellery is in the budget execution, so buy exquisite luxury living can attribute each.

Our shop – not just a place to buy a casket for jewellery can be a quiet home environment, not hurrying with the choice.We give each model factory warranty and offer several payment options.

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