Investigation of social networks: which social networking is better?

Social networks twitter facebook

Social networks twitter facebook

Ignite held its traditional annual survey of the world environmental internet social networking space. The study of the Facebook network continues to lead on such indicators as the number of users, coverage area and the annual growth rate of the participants.

Ignite used in its study of how many visitors and gender and age data, in addition to income and education level of users of the social networks. The study revealed the following facts:

  • More than half (51%) of the audience of social networks are men
  • Most of the male audience is concentrated in the Chinese and Russian society networks Kaixin001 “VKontakte” along with “Classmates” (5th and 3rd positions respectively).
  • Women’s online audience is dominated by and Facebook still has only 9th place in the women’s audience league table.
  • The wealthiest members of the social networks are directors and professionals in LinkedIn, and the most educated are in the Chinese network Kaixin001.
  • The Micro blogging service Twitter is named the fastest developing segment of social projects.

Now, more about Russian social projects: Russians are generally aged up to 44 years and with secondary or higher education prefer.

Odnoklassniki, It is believed that a social network is trying to create a site on the level of Skype, with the ability to allow you to record, store and play back your recorded telephone conversations from your account.

Men under 30 yrs old usually use VKontakte. If we consider educational level and the amount of material wealth, the number of respondents with a higher education use “VKontakte” less than their direct competitor – the social network “Schoolmates”.

The level of income of members of both networks, according to the data presented in the study, is approximately the same.

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