Internet advertising market in the U.S

American research company comScore report was published on Internet advertising in the first three months of 2011.
According to him, the first quarter showed that the market for online advertising this year made a qualitative leap compared with the previous year: a short span of time the network showed approximately 1.1 trillion ads, and the total amount of expenditures exceeded $ 1 billion. Analysts at the company suggest that this season the main “platform for advertising” became Facebook. His numbers were 346.455 billion ads, that is 31,2%. This factor is higher than the previous result in 2010 by 15%.

Second on the list was Yahoo!. His volume of hits was 10.1% or 112 billion ads. Microsoft closes the three leaders with a volume of 4.8% or 54 billion ads. Search engine Google, this time was only fifth, showing only 27.993 billion ads, or 2,5%. In Russia, as in the U.S. for the same period sales figures were more content than the brighter, reaching 70% or 5.8 billion rubles without VAT. According to CEO iContext Mary Chernitsky, the proportion of “Runner” was 10%, or 0.58 billion rubles, Google financial results were approximately 1.45 billion, or 25%, and the leader of the show at this time was Yandex, the total volume of which was about 3.38 billion rubles, or 60%. These figures are released by Yandex and before the IPO prospectus, which states that most of the company’s profit amounted to just contextual advertising.

Decline in the share market “Runner” and increase the share of Google can be explained by the fact that “Runner” and Google have signed an agreement to resell in RuNet advertising last, so that he receives royalties from the deal. Also changed the proportion of players from the previous quarter: the “Runner”, has decreased by 5%, while Google grew by 3%, and Yandex – 2%. This, says Maria Chernitskii can be explained by the fact that he fell and market share in controlling Begun Rambler. Recall that “Begun in early April, has changed the composition of the top management and as a consequence of change and internet marketing , and now this share will drop even more. In addition, we have to be and a lot of competition: currently on the market should see new developments Group in automated advertising, and on its development work just former employees Begun.

Percentage of the profit of Yandex, compared with the first quarter of 2010 increased for 62,4%, while Google – more than 70%, and “Runner”, and Google has so far refrained from comment. However, a policy Google AdWords since May 17 will be added a number of requirements. As reported in the blog system, this time they will relate to the use of personal information of users. This innovation will be valid in all countries without exception. So, for example, AdWords is accessible explanation of the user, how will use his personal data: full name, address and e-mail, phone number, nationality, date of birth, etc. And this post will appear as long as the user does not provide these data. In addition, the report will be an indication of how the user will be able in future to avoid phone calls or e-mailing.

Here in SEO Portsmouth, for secure data transmission for all payment transactions of all advertisers will be obliged to use SSL. The list of such data now will mean number of bank transfers, investment accounts, debit and credit cards, driver’s license, TIN, and the presence of social or pension and nationality.

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