Heineken and Google made an advertising deal

Financial Times recently published an interesting very information that the company” Heineken ”, engaged in brewing, has signed multi-million contract with the Internet giant« Google », the basic idea is the unfolding campaign with an incredible scale.

The exact price of this agreement is unknown, but here the phrase “millions of euros”, capable of anything approaching to make clear that plans for  Heineken Napoleon. “ Most likely, the campaign will affect a wide range of programs related to digital advertising, mass deployment of video service on the popular “YouTube ”, mobile advertising, as well as all other possible forms of partnership. We point out that under the terms of trade advertising products «Heineken» cover about 20 markets. 
Experts have now told that the signed agreement is noteworthy for several reasons, led the first time in history an advertiser pays so much money on digital advertising; «Google “the first such agreement entered into in person, the advertiser himself compared with other Internet media properties.
Under the agreement, the company «Heineken» the right to demand from «Google» (not surprising – the money for these!) Any consultation regarding the placement of advertising on the Internet, but the Internet giant is obliged to provide special rates for advertising, as well as work with different bonus programs. Recall that the company «Heineken» is today the largest advertiser (about $ 3 billion spent on advertising per year), so it can afford to use the Internet to their advantage. Meanwhile, experts believe that advertising is likely to start appearing on such resources as the «YouTube», as well as in other partnership projects.
However, many other companies also do not deny the great potential of the network “Internet” in the advertising sense. For example, the agency «WPP» recently decided to declare that he was going to create a special unit that will work with digital media, and be able to compete as «Microsoft», and «Google». Analysts are already fairly confidently report that many big companies not only understand the Internet’s potential as a territory for advertising, but also very much trying to get significant market share. Simultaneously with the world’s largest advertisers are already very interested glances on the World Wide Web, with her very large plans.

Recall that the company “ WPP ”, has created a unit of online advertising« Xaxis », was not the first.Leadership then confidently holding «Publicis», which in 2008 created the «Vivaki» for just such purposes. Company «Omnicom» just decided to conclude an agreement with «Google», «Microsoft», «AOL» and «Yahoo». It seems that the «Heineken» decided that it was easier to sign a contract with the “experts” rather than alone trying to conquer the market of Internet advertising.

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