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Network while in the testing phase, but there are a number of useful features that others simply have not considered or did not understand what is seen by some commentators.

So, in order:

1. The most banal and all already known: chat (by the way it is possible to run multiple people simultaneously watch videos or video-Life (for example some tournament games) with Youtube) and circles (handy thing also does not require addition of dual, ie is, you can add in circles anyone, regardless of whether you add it or not).

2. All at your fingertips you can quickly switch to the post, translator, Calendar, YouTube, news, search and other services Google (I’ve listed what I use).

3. Topic – this is a super feature! What is it: you choose a topic, a list which you will be shown on the left. Click on the subject and directly in Google + get a list of recent news collected from news sites on the topic. In addition, a number of interesting news, you can click “share” to see her people, who you are in circles, or press 1 – to add some important news to your bookmarks and do not lose.

4. I’ve heard such stated: “there is no personal correspondence. In this chat more muddied. “ I do not know, maybe in the future something else will be implemented in addition to personal correspondence, but at the moment it is too: just write a message on the wall and points out who his show (except for you and that person no one will see it and you can quietly under the message correspondence). A chat with – this is not muddied, but in general krutaten complete. You just need to understand that this chat is based on the protocol of Jabber. Jabber – it’s something like ICQ, only it is completely open, it may impose any sites. For example: if one of your friends uses applets QIP Infium, then feel free to write him out of Google +, but not necessarily for it to be registered in it. In addition, chat and QIP Infium Jabber protocol is implemented in yandex, livejournal and other satah. You can write to anyone who uses Jabber, even if they are not registered to Google +

5. Well, now there is also a game)))

Regarding that, while G + is empty: Well, excuse me, the network until two months gone! what you wanted? the more it is still only in beta! During the month, by the way, it registered 25 million in facebook it took 3 years. So the net as you can see is growing sooo fast.

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