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Google AdWords to offer its users a new feature preview. iCrossing claim that using this feature, many marketers are now able to improve the effectiveness of advertising through the selection of quality traffic and enable users to pre-evaluate the page in the issue and compare it with others.

The system preview ads is as follows: in the next issue of the result of a magnifying glass icon. If you click on it, right image is displayed the first page of the site as a preview, as found in the village of query words will be highlighted. What is the benefit to the advertiser? First, it receives more qualified traffic. This means that the preview function is absolutely free and you pay only when users went to your website. In theory you could say that the quality will improve traffic, conversion will increase and the CTR decline, but in practice, unfortunately, the percentage of users using the thumbs, is still small.
However, analysts iCrossing convinced that the number of literate Internet users increases over time, so the use of preview function significantly improved. Secondly, the preview can be assessed home page.To there before moving on to your site, users are looking for your first page, which means that they should be interested. It is worth considering, it looks whether your home page so that it would like to go? There are a couple things to remember:
1. Simple, good design. To the user to understand whether it is worth to you to go, he should evaluate the content of the page. If it is too congested, it will distract attention from the content.
2. A little less flash elements. If the flash image does not boot up, the preview will show an error message or black screen, and you do not need it. For clarity and understandability of what you have on your homepage is best to reduce the flash to minimize or completely remove it.
3. Proper use of content and keywords. Google has highlighted sections containing hand column, and the word, the right user, in boldface type, and for you it might be a good opportunity to go to your page, if you use the “keys” in the texts or product descriptions, thereby acquiring additional mini ad.
Third, using this function much easier to conduct comparative analysis and the possibility of your site and evaluate strategies of competitors. Naturally, the preview function is unlikely to change the basis of finding the right products, but should understand that if you know that your page is relevant “key” and the ad text and can make a good impression, you’re doing everything right. Such functions are, on the one hand, give users more mobility and control in the search, on the other hand, provide more tools to assess your competitors’ activities and work for marketers.

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