Google expands the sphere of influence

Andy Atkins-Krueger , citing sources in Moscow, wrote that the service Google spends huge money on advertising on the Russian open spaces.
According to the author, even if it is difficult to give exact figures, is clearly aware that the marketing plans for such a big search engine’s Russia is not the last. In order to understand why companies need to invest in the advancement of our country have been nominated in two versions. The first is that such a resource, such as Google, really sees the prospect of development in our market, according to the second, he just wants to protect your business from local search engines are gaining momentum, in particular, Yandex.
And though he can now walk on water, Yandex , he has not pushed. It can also be explained by the fact that the strategy director Larry Page is precisely to develop the most active in those markets where the search engine while a weak position. In addition to the introduction of the Russian market in Google plans include the purchase of such service IP-telephony as Skype. Western sources claim that the search engine sees it either as a partner for joint business, or just want to buy. In this case, the purchase of Skype and aims of such a venerable competitor like Facebook. Being completely different buyers, the potential development of Skype, they both also see differently: Facebook can offer its vast audience, but it is worth saying that it is based only on users in the near future is unlikely to be a full-fledged player in the corporate information technology market. Perhaps, Facebook in the future, Skype will introduce a simple video chat. This alliance could be interesting, but it is unlikely that he was a key to potential users.
But the service Google offers contrary to combine Skype and Google Apps , and thus to significantly expand its customer base by providing a mobile platform Android. For now, Skype wants to develop relations with companies both small and large businesses, but what kind of company he eventually chooses, time will tell.

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