Google copy competitors

For many users, and they themselves specialists, and sometimes gives the impression that the company is Google someone deliberately puts experimentation miserable search engine to make the original brand sort of prefab “Frankenstein.”

google copy

google copy

For example, recently in Google developed a habit to copy services, tools and even the design of their colleagues and competitors: a couple of days ago in search of a new type of delivery of results, the design of which suspiciously resembles Bing . Next on the list was listed repeats the news that recently, Google has a feature that lets you search for real-time look at Facebook, Gowall and Quore , was once made ​​to search and network Twitter. And everything is good, so now the only other search engines has provided such a tool last year. For example, the aforesaid Bing profiles and the status of friends on Facebook have appeared in the fall. And Google is not yet possible to index the social. network for the full program as well as online update user profiles are not yet available.

Another news item – a button “a” . It should be clear that Sia function for web-sites, was launched in the English version of the search engine in March, and in the near future it will be available to everyone else. And the owners of the site, of course, appreciate her dignity, as she has the ability to track which pages on the network users’ plyusovali “the most, as well as the ability to view their sex, age and region of residence. This idea, of course, is fresh and original for Google, but, unfortunately, is not so new to search engines, competitors and other resources of the global network. Such attempts to “chase after the departing train”, which selects Larry Page , unfortunately, lead to a deadlock, and it will be better in this situation is to hit the brakes, look back and choose your own and original way of development, who brought once Google a world leader among the other search engines?

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