Google closes next project

As reported by Google in the pages of its official blog, some projects will be closed. It is a necessity due to the fact that these projects were not interested and do not have their great popularity, and thus not justified. One such resource is a service Google Biiknarks Lists, designed for sharing bookmarks between users. Closure of the service is scheduled for December 19 this year. In addition, the service will be closed Google Friend Connect, which made ??it possible for web – administrators to create a network of contacts among the users of interest. This service will cease to exist from the beginning of spring 2012. Meanwhile, the developers recommend to create new pages in the Google + and use the functionality of the new social network. Also, with the onset of winter in 2011 will no longer be available to the project Gears, whose source code was publicly available. This service made ??it possible to add new features to the browser and deploy powerful web – application. Previously, Google has already stated the possibility of closing the Search feature on Google Search Timeline. According to the company the service, enabling users to graphical search results to different needs, have a long period of time is not popular, and, moreover, in a network, there are many analogues of this service. Yet, offer visitors products and services, such as buy handbags made ??of genuine leather . Also, Google said that the development of alternative means for communication GoogleWave the end of next year will only be available for reading. A project Knol, which was created as an alternative network encyclopedia Wikipedia, will continue to exist until the end of April 2012. Then, the accumulated material is already available under another name – Annotum, representing an open platform, developed on the basis of WordPress. As representatives of the company in its official blog, all these measures taken by management in accordance with Google’s new policy of the company. According to the suit, the company will not disperse its resources and focus on those projects that require less. The company also will pay more attention to their social network and Google + search engine software codes Code Search.

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