Google Analytics – new version

Google has released the fifth version of Google Analytics . Guided by the wishes of the users, the company introduced a new version number changes.

The fifth version of Google Analytics updated interface, it is the toolbar can be adjusted individually, functional custom reports and a tag cloud for efficient search terms. In the near future in the fifth version will be integrated to export reports to PDF , and reports can be sent by email. Now available for users of Google and the new fifth version and previous version of Google Analytics , everyone can choose the version on-request.
Google Analytics fifth version, is available to users in the betas , but this time the company continues to improve the new version, to which it makes additional changes. Additionally, Google has corrected the errors in Google Webmaster Tools . The system previously allowed the error in the record of the references. The company has officially recognized this and made ‚Äč‚Äčappropriate adjustments to the work of Google Webmaster Tools. Finding and correcting errors in Google Webmaster Tools has also been associated with feedback. On the eve of resource Survey was carried webmasters, which showed that 68% of respondents believe the data Google Webmaster Tools inaccurate , and 12% – completely incorrect, and only 5% of the respondents considered data – extremely accurate.

But I can safely say that Google is the leader in useful (just useful) to help analyze the nature of the traffic of visitors, and various data, which are very useful for the promotion of projects or purchase of traffic and evaluate its ability to pay. Although Western webmaster, refer to data very skeptical , and how the survey and its data (see above) – most of the webmasters, Tools dislikes.

To all our customers in Southampton SEO and other areas we recommend to use Analytics.

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