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Recently, the company Google mentioned that when users first time come to the site, 97 percent of traffic in general is not converted . And this means, the user could and should draw on this site for a second time, and maybe even more.

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In Portsmouth SEO we think that to do this in the service Google AdWords was coined yet another instrument that has very successfully established itself in the market. This so-called function remarketing. What is its meaning? First of all, we should say that, from an advertising campaign, you should understand, with what target audience you are going to work. To this end, Western experts were offered a small strategic framework.

Firstly , show your ads are not only those who first came to your site, but also those who have already visited it before.
Second , the businessmen who are engaged in online commerce, should attract the attention of users who have searched for some specific products on your website. And so worth it to do for all categories of goods, without exception.

Thirdly , for those visitors who have already come across an ad, it is worth trying to do the same again.
Fourthly , to visitors who have already put in the basket any goods, but for some reason have not bought, you should politely remind them of the goods.
Fifthly , if some of your favorites are back orders, worth a try to attract older shoppers buy this product again.

Sixthly , if potential buyers are trying to find this site any information additional character, for example, a page with your contacts, feedback form, or a page of frequently asked questions, then your product or service is interesting enough. However, sometimes, especially when the site is great and good on him a lot, they can not always find what they are looking for, and they leave the site empty-handed. Therefore, you should gently bring them back. And, last, if your users before you buy a product, service or product, such as pre-downloaded the technical description, or received a trial version of the product, not out of place to again remind them of themselves.

This small scheme is simple to use, but, according to foreign specialists, highly effective. In this case, however, before advertise itself and its goods, it is worth another look at the site of a critical angle, to make sure it looks good and it wants to go back to shop again and again.

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