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Creator of “social search engine” Blekko Greg Lindahl (Greg Lindahl) said that about 75% of sites, collaborating with Google in the affiliate network Google AdSense ,probably are spam. This statement is made expert on the recent conference “Russian Internet Technologies 2011″ , where he was invited as a Western visitor.

Specialists Blekko conducted a study of about three billion web pages in English. Sample from the array showed that about 700 thousand pages and 900 thousands of partners participating in the advertising network of Google AdSense , can be attributed to the spammer.

Greg Lindahl explained that the characteristics of a web page like Spam was given when its contents constitute an auto-generated content is generated from others’ data, and often is a meaningless jumble of words. As can be seen in the number of spam pages are not logged sites, filled with low quality rewrite. Thus, the number of abusive partners, Google AdSense were only classical spammers, against which so many claim itself Google .

Threshold for entry into the worldwide network of AdSense is the number of visits the page, the minimum number of which now stands at two in the afternoon. The threshold of this rather symbolic.Ad Networks Google competitors have a much higher threshold of entry. In particular the Yandex Advertising Network for the entry requires more than 300 visitors per day . Threshold of 100 visitors entered recently in the runner .

Criterion for determining the spam pages in the study Blekko is a combination of small amounts of text and a large amount of advertising. Also consider the presence of a single account Google AdSense, is used on multiple pages. Greg Lindahl said that the second criterion is due to the fact that spammers are organized into networks of sites listed on a Google AdSense ID, tied to a specific bank account.

According to Lindahl, introduced in February 2011 the algorithm Google Panda is not doing its joband does not remove content from the Exchange resources with Non original or illegal content.

After exposing Google AdSense Greg Lindahl presented his “social search engine”, which he considers a real competitor to industry leaders. Western visitor noted that the actual users of social networks that generate links to interesting pages will be a more reliable way to find links to quality sites. Links from users, will undoubtedly be higher quality than automatically links from one site to another. At the same time, spammers have recently actively develop social networks and learn how to manipulate the placement of links within social networks. Leading search engines already account for “social cues” and of course, spammers will take advantage of this opportunity.

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