Google accounts is now twice as safe

July 15, 2011 in the official Google blog Jules van de Ven (Jules van de Ven), employee of the interaction with customers, said that in order to improve the safety and security of user accounts, Google developed a new opportunity – a two-step authentication. Note that the function is already available in UK language.

Now, to access an account the user to enter not only the name and password and personal identification number, which is sent to the system on his mobile phone.

Soon on the user’s account settings page, a link “Setting up a two-step confirmation”. Once it is activated when entering the account will receive the first front page to enter a user name and password, and then – an additional page to enter a special code that Google will notify the user each time on the phone or send a SMS.

Note that users of Blackberry, iPhone or devices based on Android can generate similar code yourself using a special mobile application. For user verification can be stored on his computer for 30 days, and then when you log in to your system will ask for new code.

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