Godaddy is for sale?

Quite recently, the Internet was published information concerning the sale of “GoDaddy Group “. Pretty close to the company decided to inform the source of ” Bloomberg “, that the management rather large global Internet hosting and domain registrar, has begun negotiations with” Silver Lake Partners “and” KKR & Co “on sale .

The exact amount, no one said, but apparently, it is more than about 2 billion dollars . Of course, none of these companies did not comment on this message. Note that in the very first time rumors about the sale of ” GoDaddy “occurred in September last year, but then it was only about one billion. But if the companies themselves are silent on the possible sale, the experts decided at once to refute it. Especially for this, they pointed out that the company is still private, in spite of its international relations. Because the company’s stock and not sold on the international market, which prevents accurate assessment of its value. Also do not forget that data relating to the negotiation processes are unconfirmed and unofficial information.

However, the Internet has leaked information regarding the treatment of ” GoDaddy Group “to fund” Qatalyst Partners “, which was founded by Frank Kuatronne recognized veteran information technology industry. It would not be surprising that even when applying to these companies to journalists, none of them did not comment on details of the possibility of such a transaction.

Now about this company know for another – «GoDaddy» is a hosting company for several hundred thousand customers , of which there are very serious projects that can generate terabytes of traffic per day. In addition to its sites is bound more 43 million domain names .
Owns Bob Parsons , who created the «GoDaddy» back in 1997 year and its main building located directly in Arizona. By the way, she deals with, in addition to hosting and even e-business and actively promote the Internet of many other projects. It is known that in 2009 the company was assessed no more than 800 million U.S. dollars, if not less. Now it is necessary to remind our readers that in the world, there are two slightly smaller rival giants «GoDaddy». Of course, it’s pretty well-known companies «», and «Network Solutions», which by the way, are also in private hands. It will be interesting and information regarding recent sales in this year one of them – «» other company «». Seller was «Vector Capital», a private foundation which is earned on the deal about $ 135 million. It should be mentioned that the second small hosting company, «Network Solution», currently wholly owned by «General Atlantic Partners».

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