Filter Google Panda went to the benefit of Facebook

Again conducted a study of search latitudes, we see the dominant position Google, among other search engines. In particular, this situation is important for the advertising market and the search engines. True, along with the totally dominated, have been found “void”, which influence the credibility Google, for some reason did not spread, which confirms the report of the study.
This report served as a challenge for analysts to conduct their own research. So, with analysts say the company Citi – Mark Mahneya, became known to “load” of search traffic among the 35 analyzed Web site. These 35-Tb resources are representatives of such market sectors as trade, tourism, finance, advertising, media, cars and health. The results showed the following: an authoritative search engine is a generator of traffic for 26 sites of the 35 respondents, representing 74%. In this case, a similar situation was observed in the olden days, it is true then it was 69% of resources.
Along with this, the analyst noted that the search engine is not very willing to provide traffic to media sites, although it is their primary “chuck”. Statistics in this case illustrated the following picture: 20% of sites were marked as those for which an increase in the volume of information transfer. But the other 80%, which represents most of the traffic is reduced. From this data , we can assume that most of the traffic went to other specifications. That is true, seen such a paradox – a social networking site Facebook uses traffic volume, and this at a time, as part of the media services segment is not receiving it. Also marked the growth of existing traffic from 5% to 9% per year.
Possible reasons for this is not a balanced distribution of traffic, some associated with the launch of a powerful filter Panda update, which is struggling with poor-quality content sites, including parasitic, such as “content farm.” Perhaps, when the filter operation will be fully established, will change the distribution of traffic between different specifications. But as regards of Social Network Facebook, then to her need to look at.

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