Trying to take money from dead mothers account!

This review I have found on fasthostsreviews and this is shocking!! Posted by anonymous.

How can this even be legal?!   I received a letter and several emails recently pursuing me for money for an ‘outstanding balance’.  The account, was my mothers but she replaced my contact details for hers when she became too ill so I could handle any correspondence for her.My Mother then died of her illness in March 2011 and her credit card expired.  Even though no authorization was given. Fasthosts tried to extract more money from it (after her death) for a continuation of service.  When they were unable to do so have been pursuing me for the money.Even though I have informed them twice by phone of my mothers death, they continue to tell me they are ‘unable to process the closure of this account’ and continue to rack up this ‘debt’. (now standing at £64.66)  I have no access to her account control panel and no access to the death certificate and Fasthosts stonewall me when I tell them the situation.This company is demanding money from me for a service forced onto a my dead mother after her death that she obviously did not authorise.


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