Famous London gallery with a beautiful name Saatchi

The famous London gallery with a beautiful name Saatchi and not less known, Google teamed up together in the competition Photography Prize. A unique idea, with which students every corner of the Earth will be able to demonstrate to all the professional and amateur, and can be executed on Google +. Perhaps this dream of many talented young people and this is their dream is not far away. Of the immense number of photographs will be selected by the best, which will be exhibited in London’s famous galleries as exhibits. The idea of a contest organizers came after the social networks were photos taken by talented people.

Already on the site downloaded more than 3.4 billion works, and since the establishment of the platform was only 100 days. Students all over the world have a unique opportunity to express themselves and show their talent a true master of photography. Depending on the theme of the competition it needs to be put into one of 10 categories: fashion, fotoputeshestviya, sports, night portrait, and others. Winners of the competition without prizes will not go and get a truly wonderful gifts. And, of course, will be the finalists, the final will be released 10 photos which will be selected by a special jury. These lucky people waiting for a unique opportunity to be exposed for two months in the gallery Saatchi, but rather to place their work at the photo exhibition Out of Focus. But that’s not all the students whose work will appear in the finals will get a chance to visit the very fair in London. They will hand over a trip for two to the opening of the exhibition. It will, of course, the main winner, the prize which will be accompanied by a teacher’s journey into professional photography. All who are interested in this competition may still have time to take part in it, and maybe become a winner. Work can be placed on the site to Google + January 31, 2012, by selecting a category that fits your theme work. Upload photographs to as a public post, and then simply fill out an application to participate in the competition on this website seo

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