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Social network Facebook , this time decided to experiment with new advertising formats Comment ADS . The fact is that the users are invited to participate in the discussion of published advertiser.
And responded to questions related to the activities of advertisers, users can also get to know them. Pioneer who themselves tested the new format, has become an insurance company Allstate . Her question was: “What was the worst of what your kids were doing in the car?”.

In fact, this format is reminiscent of a status update on the branding page, social network, but given the advertising matter may be seen not only fans of the brand, but perhaps, and all users within the targeting selected advertiser. According to foreign media, the idea suggested Facebook is one more advertising agency in 2010 at the conference AdExpo . And now you would expect from a social network of new and interesting advertising formats, because earlier she talked about how he wanted to create a so-called “council of customers” for the introduction there of advertising agencies and heads of companies. This council will meet several times a year to jointly develop new strategies for the promotion of goods in Facebook .
Another novelty of social networks, according to the Development Manager of Facebook in Korea, Russia and Eastern Europe Angela Ce, is that over the past year and a half they increased the number of users of social networks from zero to 5 million users in the Russian market, and this growth is noticeably extended. In her words, Facebook is becoming more popular among young people active in various regions of the UK, and they expect the number of UK Internet users will double in the near future. This may be due to a variety of services and functions, specifically adapted for users. Service questions and answers service “Places”, the launch of targeting cities for advertising campaigns, the ability to add the name in Russian – this is an incomplete list of the most interesting new products to facilitate and speed up communication in Facebook.

And love to talk a lot more people in Europe. Ms Tse said that is much more than write or comment on, than users in other countries. However, she pointed out a large amount of information that users publish, social networks is not analyzed, the trends are not tracked, and citation statistics for the various media are not kept, though admits that there are other online sites and applications that deal with analysis of the Facebook page and collect information about especially popular pages, which are divided between a user, for example, Socialbakers. But according to her, some analytical information if there is, but often not quite accurate.

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