Facebook again ahead of the rest

Facebook once again decided to make its users a pleasant: one of these days sots set was published marketing , the essence of which boils down to how to build a business and promote your brand, product or product on Facebook.

Because most Internet users have long known that different social networks – an excellent platform for business , only here until everything is clear imagine how we can effectively promote your product through the network. The beginning of leadership is done in the form of advice on how to create your page, then mentions the use of existing tools for the promotion of a product or service and establish a business. To increase sales and traffic to and awareness of users about the product, sotsset recommends steps such as talking with a potential buyer to ascertain the interests and preferences, deepen relationships and get to know the opinion of you and your products and the like. However, it should be recognized that many councils exist in most books on network marketing, just marketing and the secrets of business success, so other than advertising Facebook and all the known facts in this manual is nothing special.

However, users should not sotsseti relax. According to the company Symantec , expert in the field of IT-security research for April 2011 showed that more than 100,000 applications, Facebook inadvertently been declassified personal data. Symantec in its official blog tells us about is that third parties, and especially the advertisers came the unexpected opportunity to gain access to the accounts of users, their personal correspondence and photographs, as well as write messages on behalf of those users. However, the company said that, fortunately, for access to classified information as yet few knew.

According to the testimony RIA Novosti reported with reference to the comment of the Russian press service of Facebook, the interface to access data and standard treatment of the add independent applications developers sotsseti (API) have indeed found an error that gives in some cases, access rights of users. But it is necessary to clarify that the management of the network with the report disagrees. According to a spokesman Facebook Malory Lyusich in this report are inaccurate, and therefore, a special investigation to ascertain all the circumstances, which, however, found no evidence that users’ personal information was disclosed to third parties. But to continue to not have such problems, Facebook chose to remove the suspicious API.

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