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AdWords continues the series of materials dedicated to the analysis of underlying system metrics Web Analytics Google Analytics. In the previous article looked at two indicators: the number of pages viewed per visit and more visits. These indicators provide information about the involvement of users of the site as well as provide an opportunity to review the effectiveness of the use of various sources of attracting visitors. This article will address two basic metrics: bounce rate and average length of stay of users on the site. Bounce This metric provides information about how many users visited only one page and immediately leave the site (“refused” on it).

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Leicester SEO Mathematically, this figure is expressed as the sum of individual page views to all visits, multiplied by one hundred percent: Ideally, this index must tend to zero, since if the user has come to the site and take no further action is likely to Home to which he was not consistent with its needs, and it does not make an order (or any other beneficial effects). The main method to reduce the bounce rate is to increase the quality and relevance (matching a user’s interests) pages. It is not always a high bounce rate indicates a low effectiveness of the site. An example is the case when the user log onto the product page, did not make an order from the site, just call the telephone number listed on this page. Thus, the failure rate is 100%, but was committed beneficial effect. Therefore, for correct assessment of this indicator should be a comprehensive approach to the analysis of effectiveness of the marketing tools and to consider not only user interaction with the site, but the treatment received in the offline … Read more about the average length of stay on the site blog AdWords

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