7 things that needed to stop doing to promote the site

  • Stop fighting with search engines. Make a site that itself would go and come back at him with enviable regularity.
  • Cease to keep their work secret. Promote your site. Appeared interesting content on the site – write an article about it or adapt his story to the site and made her guard. Good content will always be welcome at his to see popular resources and blogs.
  • Stop mock visitors. Do not frighten people with its design and the intricacies of the menu. Easy to find desired to attract to you people, but the more site traffic, the more advantages it gives search engine.
  • Cease to go to extremes and fill your website corrupt links and purchase questionable backlinks. Measure around the head!
  • Stop making a “children.” Immature baby-site, at best, will bring a temporary profits and perhaps will never rise to its feet. Give the site a life!
  • Stop stealing content. Do it yourself. Video, audio, text … Let it be worse, but not as much as the others.
  • Stop buying books on search engine optimization, and about creating websites. The logic of search engines are constantly changing, adaptable to current realities, and the constant promotion of the axioms is not so much.
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